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Welcome to Wing Hong Foods Proprietary Limited.

Wing Hong Foods is recognised as Australia's foremost Chinese smallgoods manufacturer, having been in business since 1982. Wing Hong Foods specialise in the production of Lup Chong (Chinese Dried Pork Sausage), also know as Lap Cheong (Cantonese) and "Lup Yook" (Chinese Dried Pork).

Our products are proudly Australian Made and our pork products are made with Australian Pork.

 We export overseas to New Zealand, and other Asia/Pacific regions. We have HACCP programs, audited by the Australian Government's Depatment of Agriculture and the New South Wales Food Authority and SAI Global.

We have a accredited ISO9001: 2008, Quality Management System, audited by SAI Global.

Wing Hong Foods Pty Limited is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. This voluntary initiative was set up by government and industry and aims to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment. Please view our Action Plan for 2012-2015



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